Editor Melissa Gray

Melissa Gray

Hello, my name is Melissa Gray. I have a lifelong love of books, and my goal is to help all the authors who come to me polish their work to near perfection, at an affordable price.

I understand that not all authors have hit it big and do not necessarily have the funds to invest large amounts of money into each project. That’s where I come in. I offer professional copy editing and proofreading services at prices considerably lower than most of my competitors.

When a book is published through a professional publishing company, it receives numerous readings—due to the fact that there are several people involved in the process—before being released to the public. However, I have found that most freelance editors only read through a book once before calling it a finished project. Many even charge an additional fee if you want a second reading. In my commitment to my clients, I decided that the service I provide will include two full readings of each book. This extra reading is included in my initial price; there will be no additional fees assessed.

I fully understand that writing is an emotional process, and that it takes a major investment from the author for a project to reach completion. I respect that fact and appreciate all the hard work you, the author, have put into your writing. Writing is very personal—a sharing of oneself with the world. Each writer has their own style, and that style should be allowed, and encouraged, to shine. I always keep that in mind.

I also believe in a hands-on approach and welcome any questions my clients may have. I will do my best to address, in a timely manner, any questions or concerns presented to me.

I would like very much to help you feel more confident in the finished product of your work as you prepare to release your book, short story, or novella to your potential readers.

I offer free estimates and would love to hear from you, so feel free to use any of the contact links to the right of this page to get in touch with me personally and discuss details.