Client Testimonials

* The comments have not been edited or proofread, in order to maintain the authenticity.

Zoe Saadia

Performance, commitment and a friendly service

Author Zoe Saadia

Zoe Saadia

I had a wonderful experience with Melissa’s proofreading services. From the first book I sent her it worked perfectly, with her promising to return the book in two weeks, but actually delivered the finished product in less than six days, keeping me updated on the process all the time.

The first four books I sent her were edited and proofread before, still Melissa caught an embarrassing amount of mistakes, typos and missing punctuation. Since then I knew where to send my newly written books for editing and proofreading and I will definitely continue to use her professional services in the future.

Here is the list of the books she worked on:

The Great Law of PeaceAcross the Great Sparkling WaterTwo RiversBelow the HighlandsThe SwordThe Fall of the EmpireCurrents of WarThe Emperor’s Second WifeCrossing WorldsThe HighlanderThe Warrior’s WayThe Jaguar WarriorThe Young JaguarAt Road’s End, The Cahokian

Glenn Soucy

Her work was excellent

Author Glen Soucy

Glen Soucy

Here is a list of the books Melissa has worked on for me:

I was very impressed with not only her work, but also the constant updates she gave me. I was never out of the loop while she was working on them. Her work was excellent, and frankly, I was embarrassed by all the mistakes she found.

Job well done, Melissa.

I will be back with more books.

Robert Hatting

Performance Counts!

Author Robert Hatting

Robert Hatting

Performance Counts!  That is my opinion of Melissa Gray’s work.

She performs! Top shelf support for authors.

Here is a list of the books Melissa has worked on for me:

Charles Wells

Excellent Work

Author Charles E. Wells

Charles E. Wells

The Beginning (Whispering Pines Book One)

Melissa is one of a half dozen editors I’ve worked with in my 40 plus years of writing in newspapers and then on to novels. I’m a southern writer, and my offerings are southern flavored, which normally would not play well with mainstream editing services. Melissa has proven to me that she is very adept at understanding and balancing my needs to keep the tones southern while still managing to follow the English rules the readers expect.

In the near future, Melissa will be going through the entire 9 book, Whispering Pines Mystery series, as well as keeping pace as book 10 rises out of first draft status. This woman’s talent to dress up the drafts I create and make the books sing will be the measure of my future success.

 J. Michael Stewart

She’s the best!

Author J. Michael Stewart

J. Michael Stewart

Melissa is not only one heck of a nice person, but she is an excellent editor. Her “eagle eye” amazes me. There is no other way to say it, but she finds errors that others simply miss.

I have worked with her on several projects, and one of the things I love about her is that she is always prompt, and she keeps you updated throughout the project.

I have emailed her numerous times, even outside of a normal “project”, and she always takes the time to answer my question, no matter what it is.

Give her a try, and you won’t be disappointed. She’s the best!

Jesse Giles Christiansen

A black pearl

Author  Jesse Giles Christiansen

Jesse Giles Christiansen

Here is the first book Melissa has worked on for me:

Generally, there are two kinds of people, those who are able to see what is really there, and those whose minds fill in what they think should be there. Then there are those who are able to do both, and they are the black pearls of the literary world.

I brought my manuscript to Melissa after many keen eyes, including my own, had looked at it, and she final-proofed it and found things that I could not believe were there. I bet that she could take time-tested classics off of my shelf and find many things. Unbelievable.

Go with the best, or settle for the rest. The choice should be easy.

Yours in literature,

Jesse Giles Christiansen

Douglas E. Richards

My last book was published by Macmillan, one of the top five publishers in the world, and Melissa was every bit the equal of the proofreaders there. Thorough, meticulous, professional, and impressive in every way, Melissa went beyond the call of duty in proofing my novel, Mind’s Eye, and was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish.

J.D. Redhawk

If you are looking for the best – it’s Melissa. Her work and expertise were beyond editorial expectations for me. A writer can always find a “proof-reader.” It is far harder to find an editor that strives to maintain the writer’s “flavor” while they employ the strict rules of the English language. I employed a unique style in The Cambodian Connection, that I wanted to remain in place even though it sometimes crossed those ‘rules.’ Melissa recognized my intent, gently guided me through the, sometimes frustrating, attempt to find the elusive combination of style and proper English/writing/editing that would produce the product desired. She’s not just an editor – she’s an extension of you, the writer. Hard to find that kind subject matter expert in this day and age. I highly recommend Melissa. Her attention to detail, from the MS end of things, to the conscientious contact and update throughout, was of the highest quality. Thank you very much, Melissa, for helping make the MS what it became.

Julie Mornelli

Your book is in good hands.

Let’s face it, you can’t publish your book before having it proofread and edited by someone you trust. You want a competent, dedicated and reliable professional. That’s where Melissa comes in: she’s all that, and more. I can tell she loves her work by her keen attention to detail, and the advice she gives to help you improve your copy.

Melissa has worked on three books for me so far, and I’ll rely on her for the upcoming ones as well. In fact, I feel so much better now, as I write, knowing that she’ll be there to catch my mistakes, typos and inconsistencies. It’s the peace of mind every writer wants. She’s also a delight to work with. If you have her on your team, you’re lucky.

Thanks Melissa,

Julie Mornelli

Wendy Sexton

I gave Melissa my first baby. She took such great care of her for me. Working with Melissa is like working with your Best-Friend. It was as if she read my mind. I must say after working with Melissa I would call her a very good friend she can have my babies any time. Thank you for taking care of my Raven. Raven’s Quest

Much Love,

Wendy Sexton

J. Michael Stewart

I can’t say enough about Melissa’s proofreading service. I recently published my first short story and was in the process of adding some updates to it. It had already been through numerous edits by other people, but I decided to have Melissa go through it one more time, and to my surprise, she found errors that I had no idea were present. She is very thorough and prompt and she keeps you updated throughout the process. I can’t wait to send her my novel in a couple of months.

Robert Colton

Melissa did a fantastic job of proofing two books for me. She kept to the deadlines and gave me updates as she did the work. After seeing what she caught, and reading the spot on recommendations that she made,I have to say she is a tremendous bargain – but let’s not have her find that out. I look forward to working with her in the future…and I hope she proofs this testimonial!

Ronn E Taylor

The best piece of advice I was given after deciding to become a writer was to have a great Editor. I have found one in Melissa. Very reasonable price for the services provided. Very professional. My first soon to be published novel was completed within the timeline she provided. We will be working together again very soon. 🙂

Ben Graziose, CEO/Author/Screenwriter

I have been very impressed by Melissa’s work, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a solid proofreading and/or editing experience. Speaking with Melissa a few times over the months about some of my other projects kept her in my mind when I needed a fast turnaround of a manuscript to reach a deadline. I reached out to Melissa to see what she could do for me. Melissa responded to my every email question that I had very quickly, was able to work within my budget, commit to a timeline that was quite short and deliver on every single promise she committed to. I have a few more projects in my pipeline and as they get closer to the proofreading/editing phase I will not hesitate to work with Melissa again. The edited manuscript Melissa turned in was amazing. The devil is in the details and the errors she caught on my behalf were great. Personable, Professional, and her commitment to my project were greatly appreciated. If you have a book project, you need to talk with Melissa about your project. You will not regret it.

Gregory G. Allen

Melissa was so easy to work with! A keen eye, great editing suggestions, and very supportive about the story being told. I highly recommend her!

Rebecca Scarberry

I have never enjoyed my work being edited more. I was so happy when I got my short story, RAG DOLL back from Melissa, and saw she hadn’t torn it to shreds. She didn’t ask me to do anything more than correct my puncuation and grammar. What was icing on the cake was when she told me the twist caught her by surprise! She reads alot, so this was thrilling to hear. Then Melissa wrote a 5 star review for my little book…the same day it posted on Amazon!! She is one special person and I now call her my friend.

Thomas Ryan

I asked Melissa to edit a short story for me. I was notified when the work began and within twenty fours hours it was completed. The work was to the highest quality and my story is now ready. Melissa picked up a number of errors and clearly identified problem areas. I am more than satisfied with the result and will continue working with her. I would recommend Melissa to anyone wanting to present a flawless manuscript for publication.

Quarto Barto

Melissa did a fine job on my novel. Her turn around was quick and she kept me informed of her progress during the process. I wholeheartedly recommend Melissa’s services!

Maria Piork

Melissa is great to work with. She’s efficient and works in a timely fashion.

I highly recommend Melissa for any editing work needed. I will certainly be using her services again!

Sandra Fiannaca

I highly recommend Melissa if you need quality proofread services. She is fast, efficient and always available if you need any information. She really cares for our work and puts all her effort and love in it. With Melissa, you feel that your “baby” is in good hands! It’s really a pleasure to work with her!

Dauson Stimpson

I entrusted a very, very, VERY special manuscript of mine in the hands of Melissa. Honestly it was a long process of finding just the right person to help me with my work and when I finally selecting Melissa, after a year of searching, I couldn’t have been more pleased with my decision.

Melissa has a fantastic open door policy and was in constant communication with me- I don’t know if she suspected that this project was my baby or if this is just how she operates in general but I like it! I like it so much I have every intention of seeking her assistance in future projects.

If you’re looking for someone who takes your writing just as seriously as you do I highly recommend Melissa

Alysia Stern

Melissa is a pleasure to work with. She works in a timely fashion and never hesitates to answer any question or change any dialogue. I highly recommend Melissa for any editing work needed.

Kate Bloomfield

My experience with Melissa was very professional. Her communication was excellent, her rates are a bargain, and her work was second to none. I am really impressed with her attention to detail, and will not hesitate to use her again.

Marie von Minden

I enjoyed working with Melissa. She was very thorough and completed my edit before the agreed date. This was my first book, and I was nervous about the mode of communication between us. However, her notes and corrections were very clear and easy to understand. I was impressed to see that she also fact-checked some of the nonfictional information included in my book, even though our agreement called for proofreading only. I was thoroughly impressed with the professional and easy communication, Melissa was always very prompt in answering any questions. I am sure I will use Melissa’s services for future books.

Anne Victoria Gerdes

I was very satisfied with Melissa’s proofreading and attention to detail. She picked up on the tiniest errors that I didn’t spot myself, which improved the flow of my book. The cost of service was also affordable and the communication was consistent and fast, despite the fact that we live in different timezones.

E.M Wynter

Melissa is a fantastic, fun, prompt and thorough editor. Her professionalism shows in every aspect of her work and you can trust her to pour through your manuscript with great care and diligence. I feel lucky to have her on my team.

USA Today Bestseller Madison Johns

When it comes to editors, Melissa Gray is tops in my book. Her attention to detail is amazing. Not only was she spot on, but also challenged me to bring my book up to a professional level. She’ll definitely be my go to person for editing in the future.

Denisa Melinte

The first word that comes to mind when I think about Melissa’s work is: Vital. I am not a native English speaker, and my manuscript was translated to English, so her keen eye and her editorial experience were very much needed. Apart from all the mistakes she found, apart from all the missing or extra punctuation, Melissa polished each and every sentence and gave me valuable editorial advice. She pointed out any inconsistency and assisted me with their correction. Melissa is a talented and dedicated Editor, and a wonderful person to work with. I hope we shall work together again on the second book of the series.




  1. Jon Voss

    Wow, Wow and Wow!

    Fantastic service and a great lady.

    Detail is not my strong point but it sure is Melissa’s.

    This gal has all the Ps – Professional, Precise and a Phenomenal talent.

    If you think your book is ready – think again and send it through to her – believe me…you won’t be disappointed AND all at a very fair price too.

    Thanks again Melissa – you really did a wonderful job.

    Highly Recommended AAA+++


    Jon Voss.

  2. E. Thomas Joseph

    As a fledgling author and self-publisher, I was lost in the wilderness until I was lucky enough to find Melissa. She was not only a great help but a partner. Melissa went well beyond the grammatical and phrasing corrections and offered insightful, helpful and constructive input. I enjoy our exchanges, value her judgment and am inspired by her encouragement. From the beginning, I felt my work was in good hands and her professionalism, flexibility, and honesty make her worth every penny.

    I did not hesitate to schedule future projects with her and for my part, I hope to continue our working relationship as she is doing what she is doing.

    Truly, I could not have done this without her.

    Thank you, Melissa

  3. I hold Melissa in high regards. She provided both copyediting and proof reading services on my novel. I found her work very thorough, thoughtful, and relevant. She stayed true to my characters and author voice.
    Every writer needs a great editor. It’s not an easy role, but she did an outstanding job. I will definitely be reaching out to her for my next book. Thank you, Melissa.

    C.W. Bordener – author of The Cyprus Papers

  4. Up until now, I have only used a few cheap editors and thought my self-editing capabilities were pretty reasonable. After having Melissa do a full copy edit on my latest project I finally saw how important a good editor is for your work.
    Melissa did an amazing job at an incredible price in a realistic timeframe. I was so impressed with her standards that I pre-booked another two projects with her and plan on using her services again and again.
    Money well spent.

  5. DiMars

    I cannot express enough how delighted and impressed I am with Melissa’s work and dedication toward my novel. She absolutely understood what emotions I was trying to convey, and her choice of vocabulary was spot on – reading over my story, I was so amazed with the attention to detail she gave it, pointing out some errors I had completely missed – what a blessing it was to find Melissa online! I will continue to work with her, as I am convinced there isn’t anyone I would trust more with my work – and of course, she’s such a kind and understanding woman, I truly enjoy her friendly presence, and look forward to seeing what else she can amaze me with in the future!
    Thank you again, Melissa!

  6. Mark Desmond

    Melissa was simply the best help I had during the entire process of completing my novel. Her commitment, compassion, and communications were outstanding! I had my work edited for many thousands of dollars by others then sent it to her. She found an alarmingly large amount of errors and offered superb advice to improve my work overall. My novel would not be close to the quality it is today without her! I strongly recommend engaging Melissa, you will not be disappointed.
    Mark Desmond, The Asterisk

  7. Peter Diamantis

    It was such a pleasure working with Melissa. She was amazing!

    When I decided to write about my childhood, I wanted to leave a bit of my early life for my daughters to read one day. I certainly didn’t have any aspiration that it would ever be worth publishing, although I wanted it to look professional.

    When I sent my manuscript to Melissa I had some basic expectations, you know, spelling corrections, proper grammar, etc. Was I wrong! She made it so much easier to read. She was thorough, accurate, intuitive, and her suggestions were dead on point. Now, who knows? Maybe I’ll try to publish it. I will definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank you Melissa!

  8. After shopping around for an affordable editor, I decided on Melissa Gray. Now, after several weeks of working with her on my first novel, I am so happy I chose her. She’s smart, personable, funny, and she cares about people. I never realized how crazy I got with ellipses until they were pointed out to me. She also made great suggestions for tying loose ends, as well as improving the story’s flow. I now feel confident that my book is ready for prime time. I liked her work so much, I’ve already scheduled my second book!

    Incidentally, I once had a fondness for spelling it “grey.” I don’t know why, I’m not British. I just liked the look of it better. Perhaps it seemed more phonetic to me. But anyway, I will now consciously spell it “gray,” because Melissa Gray is awesome.

  9. Lori Gurtman

    From the moment I reached out to Melissa, I knew that I found the perfect copy editor for my manuscript. She responded to all my email questions in a timely manner, and her warmth and honesty was evident in her replies. More importantly, her copy edits proved how diligent she had worked, catching many of the inconsistencies and grammatical errors that had been overlooked by other readers and editors. I look forward to working with Melissa on my next manuscript and other writing projects!

  10. I, like many of the other authors here, thought I’d caught every error in my manuscript. Apparently I was wrong! 😀 I’m so glad I found Melissa. Her work is exceptional, and when I received my edited manuscript from her I couldn’t believe how thorough she is. She caught everything. Thanks to her, I feel confident publishing my book, Foundation of Love.
    Thanks again Melissa!

  11. Melissa Gray is one of THE BEST EDITORS in the world of publishing. She is warm, professional, responsive, and super accurate. More importantly, she has the ability to work in nearly every genre without complaint (I write graphic horror/thrillers and she stomaches every word without hesitation).

    Truth is, Melissa is my secret weapon when it comes to getting manuscripts ready for submission to publishers… A writer is only as good as her editor. 😉

    Mylo Carbia
    “The Queen of Horror”
    #1 Bestselling Author & Hollywood Screenwriter

  12. Richard Adamski

    Being somewhat new to the writing game, I was introduced to Melissa via her website and submitted the manuscript of my completed novel to her. They say that a writer never notices a lot of his mistakes, a form of writing blindness, and as a consequence thinks that he has written an errorless masterpiece. After Melissa proof read and edited my novel that notion went out of the window.
    It was suggested to me some time ago that before you present a finished novel to a publisher or literary agent it is best to have it proof read by a professional. Sound advice proved to be true by Melissa’s skills. Not only were there embarrassing amount of mistakes in my novel but numerous grammatical errors. Often she improved the flow of dialogue and edited out unnecessary chatter. I liked the way she went about her business and presented the edited work in a manner that could be understood by the author. Last but not least, I was very impressed by her friendliness and great communicative skills. Definitely 10/10.

  13. Melissa has helped me with several projects. Her work is top shelf and worth far more than she charges. She is one of the best-kept secrets in the editorial world.

  14. Keerthi

    Melissa edited my first professional writing. From the very first day, I was impressed by her timely replies to my emails and her well-structured way of work assessment and timeline estimation. The final work was returned to me before the planned date of completion. The final product was well edited, but what particularly caught my attention and thus made me appreciate her work more, was that she made an effort to research and understand the words of Indian culture which I did not expect her to be familiar with, and so, did not expect her to edit or worry about. She also raised some valid questions that made me re consider certain sections of my work.

    I thank Melissa for her effort in editing my work and recommend her to anyone who is looking for editing services.

  15. Coming from a professional film background with quite a few screenplays behind me, I knew I needed an editor who would give me the support I needed to make the leap from the screenplay format into a full-blown novel. I am also used to getting feedback from professional screenplay readers on my stories, and after being countless rounds with people I deeply respect, I’ve learnt the value of seasoned feedback. So when I approached Melissa, the bar was set high.

    And I wasn’t disappointed.

    Melissa delivered an extremely solid edit where she not only went over the proofing with clinical precision but also raised many questions about the characters, their backstories, inconsistencies, and all sorts of weirdness which can creep into a 100k worth of words.

    I was also positively surprised how many constructive questions Melissa raised, stuff which not only improved the story but gave it much needed clarity. Melissa’s precise analysis located quite a lot of stuff which otherwise might have led to embarrassment. And knowing how solid her work was, I felt blessed with a safety net. Something which I am even more convinced now that every writer needs.

    Her work was also indispensable in the final act of the story, where she asked all the right questions about the characters and their journey. This pushed the characters and their emotional arcs into a way more refined and lucid resolution.

    I would recommend Melissa’s work to anyone seriously thinking about delving into literary fiction. With her backing, and extremely skilful help, I feel now that I have a rock solid foundation to approach publishers with my novel “A child made to order”.

    Thank you Melissa!

    Piotr Ryczko

  16. I have been fortunate enough to be able to send the fourth novel in my “Willow Tree Series” to Melissa to edit. I was amazed at the high standards, and absolute top quality work she has done for me. She is a lovely lady. She is easy to get in contact with and answers all emails straight away. I am an Australian Author and was a little worried about the “Slang” barrier between the Australian and American language. To my surprise Melissa has a wonderful grasp on our “Slang” and keen to learn more.

    Thank you so very much Melissa. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to send you the next book. You have made this part of the writing process stressless and enjoyable. Thank you x

  17. Starlette Carvalho

    I decided to get a fresh pair of eyes on my book, Raising Samara. As it was my first book, I wanted to ensure there were no typos and no inconsistencies in the flow of character and story. This after having the book professionally reviewed twice before. I chose Melissa Gray after the fantastic reviews I read about her work. Melissa went way beyond my expectations. There were not only typos, but issues with the flow of character that she picked which would be really embarrassing if it were to be sent to the publications. Not to mention, her professionalism, frankness is beyond compare. She is also reasonably priced. I am glad to have stumbled upon her and would continue working with her.

  18. Maxwell and Valery Kofman

    We’ve found our editor!!!
    After long search my co-author and I have finally found a talented and dedicated professional who can take care our manuscript. She did the proof read and polish every word in our poorly written script and made it shine as a gold. She did amazing job for us and she was very patient with all our annoying questions that most beginner writers have. Watch out, Melissa, a lot more work is coming your way from us!!! You are great!!!

  19. Roshan

    Melissa helped me with my first short story and I had a wonderful experience working with her. She did an excellent job on fixing my manuscript and she also followed up multiple times to confirm if everything looked alright.

    I hope I get a chance to work with Melissa again! 🙂

  20. james shimwitwa

    I recently worked with Melissa on my collection of short stories. I was very impressed with the corrections and adjustments she made to my manuscript. She worked like a very effective fuel filter in a fuel system. My manuscript was returned back to me looking ‘squeaky clean’. Above all, the price was very much affordable compare to quotes i got elsewhere.
    Melissa, i am your client.

  21. My choice to go with Melissa to edit my first project, BLONDE UP! was, unequivocally, the CORRECT choice. I was impressed with her professionalism from the start…and that gave me confidence moving forward to place my “baby” in her hands. As an English teacher, I was AMAZED at how many “oversights” lurked throughout my manuscript, but she handled them — and every other little thing with grace and correctness. Just what I needed — and could NOT do alone. Melissa’s services are valuable beyond measure. Really…like a friend on your shoulder, she is there to make YOUR work shine! I am completely confident in putting my first novel out there in the world, due in great part, to her expertise.

    Thank you, Melissa for a first-rate experience and here’s to many more to come…!

  22. Melissa truly helped me in a pinch. She was able to take on the task while doing such an amazing job. I am not sure how I could have accomplished my goals without her help. Not only is she very easy to work with and so incredibly helpful, she is prompt and has such a pleasant personality. Anytime I had any questions, or when I needed help during our journey together, she was always there to help me out. You can bet that I will be using her services for my future projects.

  23. David Pitzele

    With Pen in Hand is my third mystery novel. I used two other editors for my first two. With this one, I got especially lucky in finding Melissa. In addition to being thorough and exacting in her work, she Is timely, too.

    As I told her, I learned things from her corrections and comments that will help me to improve as a writer. Although my other editors were good, they paled in comparison. I especially liked that Melissa pointed out inconsistencies and challenged some of my thought process. No doubt, she contributed greatly in making the novel into an easier read.

    I won’t ever have to search for new editors again. I couldn’t be more pleased with Melissa. She is a ten.

  24. Melissa is an absolute pleasure to work with!! The list of her wonderful qualities stretches long: she answered all of my emails with incredible timeliness, she communicated everything to me in a clear and up front way, and most importantly she made me PROUD of my book, Finding the Gray. Not only did her copy editing make it polished and professional, she was able to transform my awkward wording and run on sentences into EXACTLY what I was trying to say in the first place. I will most definitely be working with her again, with joy. Thank You Melissa!!

  25. Brian S. Converse

    Melissa was a joy to work with and a skillful editor and proofreader. She just finished editing/proofreading my novel and I can say that I would recommend her to anyone needing these services, from a first-time writer to an established pro. Melissa’s close attention to detail and cheerful demeanor make it a smooth process from start to finish.

  26. J L Leake

    5-Star Work!
    Melissa is a consummate professional who exceeded all of my expectations! I was confident with the quality of my novel and could not believe the number of errors she found, including correcting unique technical words that pertained to the subject of the story. As stated by other reviewers, Melissa kept in constant touch with me during the process and put in extra time to answer follow-up questions. Do yourself a favor — stop looking for another editor to complete your work! You have come to the right place, as proven by so many satisfied customers.

  27. Patricio del Caso

    I wrote my first book (in Spanish) published with the name “La Vida Que Nos Ocultan” (“The Life they Hide from Us”). Melissa helped me proofreading the English version. About its title and following her advice I named it “The Life Kept from Us” which is already published. I am very satisfied with what she did and for sure I will use Melissa’s services for my next book. I highly recommend her. Thanks again Melissa.

  28. This was my first experience working with a professional copy editor. Melissa’s quality of work was excellent and I am extremely thankful for all of the suggestions and corrections she made for my manuscript. With Melissa’s help I was able to send my first book to the printers without anxiety.

    In addition to her technical skills, Melissa was a simply wonderful person to work with! She was patient with all of my newbie questions, prompt in our communication, and always friendly. I felt like I was working with a real person who genuinely cared about my writing rather than a high-level spell checker. She has a very warm and welcoming personality, and I hope to be able to work with her again.

    I recommend Melissa with all my heart.

  29. I would like to commend Melissa for her comprehensive editing of my latest SF work. She was most adept at catching those pesky errors that plague every writer. The work was accomplished in a timely manner and the cost was more than reasonable. I would recommend her to any writer, but especially to Indie Authors, who don’t usually have affordable access to this kind of service.

  30. James Freeze

    Melissa and I just work together for the first time. As a matter fact, this is the first time I’ve ever used a professional proofreader.I must say I am very impressed with Melissa’s abilities. I found her to be thorough and efficient along with displaying a demeanor as a friend doing you a favor rather than a business arrangement. I was also caught off guard when I received my completed text back in half the time she originally estimated.There is no doubt that I will use Melissa again in the near future. Thanks again Melissa from your new friend, Jim Freeze.

  31. Jason Peace

    I wasn’t really sure about the editing part at first, but Melissa suggested it and I’m so very glad she did, because it turned out that it made my script a million times better. I would never publish anything without an edit now, and I can only recommend her for I am very satisfied with her work, and her very good communicaiton skills that, I think, are essential for this kind of thing. She took a lot of time to really answer all my questions and let me know what was happening.

    Even though I had a few payment problems with the whole invoice thingy that I’m really bad at, she was very patient and helped me wherever possible, taking a lot of time to answer all my very long mails that must have spammed her inbox…

    Thank you very much Melissa, I will definitely come to you for the next part of my story 😀

    Take good care of yourself and your girls!

  32. Total peace of mind.

    Melissa’s work gave me the peace of mind that my first book, Perception, is error free. She captured style, grammar and content errors that were missed in our reviews. I would never publish without her reviewing any future manuscripts. It takes away the dread that you missed a few mistakes and allows the joy of finally publishing to prevail because she is so good. Her responsiveness in her communication lets you know exactly how the timeline is working out.

    Thanks again for the great work and peace of mind.

  33. Robin Witt

    This was my first experience having my work professionally edited, and I must say it could not have been better. Melissa was wonderful and not only kept me involved throughout the entire process, but was also available to answer any and all questions, whenever they came up. She’s polished up my work to such a degree that I now feel totally confident in sending it out into the world. She’s such a professional and a sweet person in general, that I can’t wait to work with her again. Thank you Melissa 🙂

  34. Scott Burdick

    Without any reservation, I can recommend Melissa Gray as an editor. As an author, I found the process of working with her positive, professional, and well worth the money.
    Each time Melissa pointed out some logical inconsistency in my novel, it seemed so obvious that I couldn’t believe I’d overlooked it. It’s embarrassing to have your errors pointed out, of course, but far less embarrassing than realizing it after going to print!
    As to her complete mastery of grammar, punctuation, and word selection, all I can say is that I’m in awe at her powers of concentration in ferreting out every last error and suggesting corrections. In reviewing my mistakes, I learned a great deal that has already improved my writing on the next project I’m working on. I will certainly be hiring Melissa for all future projects, big or small.

    Scott Burdick
    Author of the novel “Nihala the Destroyer” to be released in mid 2015

  35. Melissa has recently finished the final edit of my book . It has been a pleasure working with her and I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone who needs that extra little bit of care and attention. My book is certainly better for having Melissa go over it and giving me valuable feedback. I am also a better writer because of her.

  36. For any author, making sure their work is accurate and consistent is very important. Search the internet for an editor and a plethora of names will come up giving a bewildering choice often with no guarantee they will do a good job. Well, you should look no further than Melissa. I was quite nervous sending my first ever novel to a professional to look at however, there was no need. Melissa not only found all the grammar and spelling errors she identified some inconsistencies in the story and actively encouraged me to expand parts of the story where she felt the reader needed to know more. Throughout the process she was professional, efficient and positive, so much so, that by the end I was feeling very confident about publishing. Her rates are also very reasonable. I cannot thank her enough and have no hesitation in recommending her to both new and experienced authors alike.

  37. Angela Ruane

    Melissa did a wonderful job of proofing my book. She updated me as she worked through it. She was extremely thorough, catching inconsistencies no-one else spotted. She was also very generous in the comments and advice she gave. I simply couldn’t recommend Melissa highly enough.

  38. I have fond memories of working with Melissa. She made the editing process enjoyable. She has special powers—you know, like X-Men—because she can see what mere mortals can’t see. She took the initiative in contacting me and answered every question I had until the project was finished. Her touch transformed my book! Everyone needs a teammate like Melissa.

  39. Rocky Bills

    “An Excellent Experience”

    Having amassed enough material for a book series, I had numerous concerns regarding professional editing. First I needed to find an editor that was reasonably priced, and I needed a special person that would be willing to take on a project with unique issues. With conversations involving accents, slang, and broken English; I was afraid an editor would massage the manuscript to the point I wouldn’t recognize it as my work.

    Melissa went above and beyond my expectations. She was able to retain my personal voice throughout the story; in fact she fortified it in numerous places. Another obstacle she overcame was the punctuation, grammar, and formatting issues plaguing the manuscript. Rules of writing have changed greatly since my school days, when a sharp chisel and a flat rock was all that was necessary. She has my deepest gratitude for showing me what a manuscript looks like, I have learned a lot and my writing will improve because of the experience.

    I am lucky to have Melissa signed up to tackle all five books in the series. Her services are very reasonably priced, especially when one considers the quality of her work. I highly recommend Melissa and look forward to working with her on the entire project.

    Rocky Bills

  40. E. Douglas Brown

    After editing the book myself for the past two years, looking for every possible grammatical or sentence structure mistake, I was confident that after sending it out to Melissa I would only find sparse suggestions or corrections to my book’s manuscript once I received it back. Boy, was I mistaken.

    Melissa, not only found my over looked mistakes but she made wonderful and valid suggestions to my story that helped it to read and flow better. She pointed out holes in my story, or rather, parts of my story that would make the reader either question what just happened or wonder where I was going with it.

    I can’t say enough about Melissa’s work. I know that when people read my book THE CHOSEN ONE, they will fall in love with the easy flow of the read. I am excited about sending her my second book because I know it, too, will read much better than if I had done it on my own.

    Thank you Melissa, you are a God send.

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